Roadtrip Nation documentary

One in five people in the United States have learning and attention issues like ADHD and dyslexia. Many of them feel alone, but they are not.

Roadtrip Nation works to empower young adults to pursue their interests and passions and arms them with a realistic portrayal of what it takes to get there. Roadtrip Nation has made an hour-long special on the inspiring journeys of three young people as they travel the United States in a camper-van. They meet and talk with others who, like them, learn differently, and have used that difference to build lives doing what they love.

In a whirlwind journey from coast to coast, the road-trippers meet with scientists, activists, musicians and entrepreneurs, finding inspiration and guidance from people who share their differences and have thrived. As the trio hear these stories, they discover that there are no limits to what they can do – the differences they thought were a limitation can be actually become the fuel that drives them.

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