Grantee Perception Survey

Oak Foundation wants its grantees to have the greatest possible impact and we want to provide the best possible support to our grantees. To this end, we carry out programme evaluations and Grantee Perception Surveys (GPS) every five years.  The feedback we get from these helps us to provide our partners with quality support that enhances our grant-making.

Our first GPS was conducted in 2011 by the Center for Effective Philanthropy, which can be downloaded off our website. In 2015 we conducted our second GPS, to which 454 grantees responded, representing an impressive 77 per cent response rate. Thus we are confident that the results are a true representation of how our partners perceive us – and we are developing follow-up plans on that basis.

Please read more about the key messages that came through in the Grantee Perception Report and download the full report here.