Oak grantees Breakthrough and Videre win 2016 Skoll award

Oak grantees Breakthrough and Videre est Credere have been awarded the 2016 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.

Breakthrough, based in the US and India, works to prevent violence against women. It believes that by transforming the societal and cultural norms that lead to inequality and violence, change can happen. “Nearly 57 per cent of women justify domestic violence,” said Sonali Kahn, the Vice-President of Breakthrough. “They say if a man puts the bread on the table and raises a hand on you, what’s the problem? Breakthrough’s mission is to make violence against women unacceptable.” So far, Breakthrough has reached 15 million people in rural communities in India and 350 million through its media campaigns.

Videre est Credere (Latin for “seeing is believing”) is a not-for-profit organisation that trains defenders in the safe, effective use of technology to gather evidence to help prevent and end violence. To date, Videre has deployed 592 human rights activists to collect evidence of human rights violations in places where people cannot or will not go. “What we’ve managed to do is break the impunity that perpetrators felt they had because they thought nobody was watching them, and nobody was filming them,” said Oren Yakobovich, founder and head of Videre. As a result of Videre’s work, perpetrators around the world have been brought to trial and their means of oppression have been exposed to millions.

Thanks to the work of both of these organisations, great strides have been made in the face of gender imbalance, corruption and oppression. Oak is pleased that their work has been acknowledged by the Skoll award. Congratulations to Breakthrough and Videre!

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