Grantee highlight: New report released by the International Center for Research on Women

Around the world, women earn approximately 77 per cent of men’s earnings. Women face job restrictions in 100 countries — they’re barred from working certain factory jobs in 41 countries and they cannot get a job without permission from their husbands in 18 countries.

When women are economically empowered they raise healthier, better-educated families, and entire economies prosper. A growing number of companies understand that advancing women is essential to business innovation, productivity, risk management and market growth. The International Center for Research on Women has released a new report to help the private sector build effective strategies for women’s economic empowerment.

"Corporations are increasingly playing an important role to advance women's economic empowerment,” said Florence Tercier, the Director of the Issues Affecting Women Programme. “We believe that engaging these actors and sharing the knowledge of the women's rights sector can enhance the impact of those investments, so that they are more transformative for women's lives."

The report draws on insights gathered from interviews with 10 multinational companies actively engaged in advancing women’s economic empowerment, as well as a comprehensive review of the latest literature and leading company practices and programmes. Check it out here!


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