Risk and Resilience - Converging Themes from Global Research

Oak’s Child Abuse Programme held a learning event in Tanzania in May 2014. The event focused on an understanding of risk and resilience in children and communities. It also examined implications for practice and policy. The main purpose of the event was to review three global research projects covering more than 20 countries and to determine converging themes emerging from the research.

Convergent Themes   

Messages from Research, Nurturing Resilience - Learning Event, Dar es Salaam, May 2014

The three major presentations the Event's report are presented below.

Major presentations

•    Learning from Children Exposed to Sexual Abuse and Exploitation - the Bamboo Project, Robbie Gilligan, University of Dublin
•    How Communities Support Children’s Well-Being: Lessons from the Interagency Learning Initiative, Mike Wessells, Columbia University
•    Risk and Resilience among Children living in Poverty; Evidence from the Young Lives Study, Jo Boyden, University of Oxford

Learning Event Report

Reflection on Recent Research Findings and Relevance for Policy and Practice in East Africa