Florence Jacot

Programme Officer, Switzerland

Florence Jacot started her career at Oak Foundation in August 2001 as Programme Assistant for the Child Abuse Programme. Today, as Programme Officer, she supports the implementation of the Child Abuse Programme in Switzerland.

Prior to joining Oak Foundation, Florence worked at the Foundation Dignité en Détention (1998-2001) as project coordinator. The projects in Madagascar and Rwanda aimed to improve the conditions of the detention of minors, including the separation from adults to avoid all forms of abuse and exploitation, to support them in the judicial proceedings (when they occurred), to promote their release and to facilitate their reintegration into their communities.

From 1992 to 1998 she worked in the International Catholic Child Bureau as documentation officer and programme assistant where she was in charge of the projects development (including fundraising) for drug-addicted street children and child workers in India and children in armed conflict in Sierra Leone. She also collaborated with projects on the commercial sexual exploitation of children and on the implementation of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child in India and Africa.

The experience acquired during those years allowed her to understand the various challenges and difficulties of the development of programmes by civil society organisations, which helps her as a programme officer for Oak Foundation.

Florence’s inspiration for her current work began after volunteering for a community of Salvadorian refugees in Mexico in 1989. Florence has a degree from the Business School of Geneva (maturité fédérale Ecole de commerce).