Alexandra Kennaugh

Programme Officer - Illegal Wildlife Trade

Alexandra Kennaugh joined Oak Foundation in 2016 as a programme officer for illegal wildlife trade. Her particular expertise is in wildlife economics, most recently in the behavioral economics of the rhino horn trade in Asia and southern Africa. Before joining Oak Foundation she worked at Natural Resources Defense Council for 14 years where she had senior management responsibility in communications, project management, and policy and economic analysis across issue areas ranging from natural resource management to climate and energy to environmental health to conservation. She has done project design and management, monitoring and evaluation, and strategic partnership development for agrofrestry projects in Latin and South America at Conservation International and in southern Africa at a social investment fund. She did field work in the Timbavati Nature Reserve and earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Colorado College, as well as master’s degrees in public policy and development economics from Duke University. Alex is currently pursuing her DPhil at the University of Oxford.